At night, the reef and its colorful inhabitants put on a show that is not to be missed...

The oceans breathe once each day. A deep soft inhalation at dawn and a gentle exhalation as the last rays of the sun slip over the horizon. That's when the creatures that hide during the day come out to play and feed.  The use of an artificial light source will reveal the true colors of some of these amazing creatures and the reef that is their hunting ground.

You’ll be able to sneak up on parrot fish as they slumber in their sleeping bags, observe lobster roaming the ocean floor looking for food and, if you’re lucky, spot an octopus on the prowl, its probing tentacles checking out every nook and cranny for a tasty snack. All this set against a backdrop of twinkling shrimps’ eyes and encrusting sponges that blind us with their palate of intense colors.

Your late afternoon / night dive trip begins around 4:30pm when we head out to make our first dive as the sun starts dipping westward and underwater the atmosphere takes on a heightened activity as predators take advantage of the failing light.  After a surface interval and a tank change we'll get back in the water just as daylight fades and the ocean becomes a deep, dark, silky blue.

Once again we will be running a night dive from Trellis Bay, every full moon evening from The Loose Mongoose dock. It will be a one tank dive for certified divers groups and singles welcome, we will be back in time for the BBQ and fire ball lighting. Call us for details.

The Full Moon Dates are:

November 28th 2012,  January 27th 2013,  February 25th 2013,  March 27th 2013, April 25th 2013,  May  25th 2013, June 23rd 2013,July 22nd 2013,August 20th 2013, September 19th 2013, October 18th 2013, November 17th 2013.

See our Prices page for further details.

There will be a $10 per diver surcharge for any divers requiring dive lights.

Gratuities  Our instructors work very hard to give you a safe and enjoyable experience out on the water.  If you think they did a good job and would like to show your appreciation by leaving a gratuity, it is customary to tip 10-15% for dive services here in the BVI.




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