Sitting on the dock of the bay..
watching the tide roll away..

Just dreaming or planning your next dive. Come down to the UBS Lounge and sit on our dock, or go upstairs to the Harbour View Restaurant and share some great dive stories.

The best thing about having a comfortable marina on the water's edge to use as your base, is that after a day's diving you can meet new friends and swap your favorite dive stories over a cold beer. Here is one of our favorites.

From January to April each year the Humpback Whales migrate through our waters. We were lucky enough in March 2000 to have two groups of divers on two boats spend over an hour and a half with a mother and her calf.

TONY " took me over 30 minutes to realize I couldn't swim up to the whales as they would dive away immediately. Once I started to swim away from them they would become curious and swim towards me. They would always stay together but it was almost like they wanted to meet us and become friends."

DREW ( one of our guests on that day) "As we were getting tired it was as if they knew we had been in the water with them for so long they understood that we were not a threat. They would swim right next to us - so close but always knowing exactly where we were so they wouldn't bump into us. The Whales would look at us with their whole eyes that would blink with a second flap of skin going up and down. They were so big and I felt so small but at no time did I ever feel like they would hurt us. It was one on the most exhilarating moments of my life."


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