Capture the underwater beauty of our
islands with a photograph!

You will be diving some of the finest reefs in the world. So you must have something to show your friends and family
when you get home.

All of the underwater photos on this site were taken by non professional underwater photographers with either digital or Reefmaster 35 mm cameras. The Reefmaster is a simple point and shoot camera that is guaranteed to a depth of over 150 feet. It has a flash that helps in low light areas (for example, inside the Rhone). It also has a snap-on lens that enables close-ups to within two feet. It has automatic focus underwater and positive buoyancy, so it will float.

If you like, we can take snaps underwater of you and your group, just to prove you really did go diving! It is a great way to remember your day. Our cameras are robust, and work perfectly in or out of the water. Since they are sealed against the elements, they are good for the Baths on Virgin Gorda and beaches where fine coral sand can so easily penetrate an unsealed camera. If you rent scuba equipment from us we can also rent you a camera for the week. They come in a sealed protective box, and we supply film and batteries.

If you would like to let us have some of your images to add to our gallery, please email them to us. And we will put them in our Visitors Gallery section.

Click here to see lots of our photography


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