UBS Dive Center, Platinum Dive Experience.




Starting November 15th 2006 UBS Dive Center now offers a Platinum Dive experience for the divers who expect and desire their dive trip to be above even the quality that UBS Dive Center offers to all its guests. This trip will be a never forget dive experience that will set the level of quality and service for all dive trips in years to come. We are using the same outstanding service, equipment, quality of tours and instructors that you have come to know and expect from the premier dive company of the BVI and are adding in some extra luxuries along the way.



We are offering three different schedules for you to choose from, a morning start returning home in the late afternoon, a lunchtime trip arriving back after a sunset cruise, and a rendezvous trip. Each trip will be exclusively tailored to your personal requests and desires. You will experience the first class dive experience of UBS with:







Your Own Private Dive Boat

Guaranteed - to be the largest boat in our fleet – Reef Chief

With bathroom and changing room facilities



An Extra Hour Included in the Day

1) 9 am to 4:30 pm Morning Trips


2) 12 noon to 7:30 pm Sunset Trips


3) Your choice of times for a 5 hour Rendezvous Trip



Your Choice of Dive Instructor



Two Dives Plus a Guided Snorkel Tour

Your Choice whether you want all or some of the activities



A full Beach Picnic For The Morning Trip



Hors d’oeuvres for the Sunset And Rendezvous Trips






Your Choice Of Either Red or White Wine



Full Cooler Of Soft Drinks and Beers



A Platinum Gift Package for All Guests




Platinum Morning Trip



We will leave UBS Dive Center's Dock at Culture Ville at 9 am. You have the choice of two dives anywhere in the BVI from Norman Island all the way up the Island chain to Mountain Point on Virgin Gorda, including all the Dog Islands, Guana Island, Marina Cay and Camanoe Island. After the dives we go to a beach where we will set up a beach picnic complete with delicious salads, cold cut meats, cheeses, fresh bakery bread and deserts. You may be served on the boat if weather conditions prevent us from getting close to the beach with the boat.. An afternoon snorkel tour is a pleasant in water conclusion before we meander back up the sparkling blue waters of the BVI while you sip on Champagne and view the Island chain


Platinum Sunset Trip




If we move the day over so we leave  the UBS docks  after an early lunch we can do two dives of your choice before snorkeling and playing at a beach or shallow reef. As the sun starts to set enjoy Hors d’oeuvres on the boat with a glass of chilled wine. When the Caribbean sky paints its magnificent masterpiece of red, pink, purples and gold’s we will cruise the ocean while you sip on a glass of champagne. We will arrive back in enough time for you to get dressed and ready for dinner.



Platinum Rendezvous




A rendezvous dive trip does not have to be a rushed large mixed group experience, as you well know from UBS Dive Center's long time service record. We are now taking it one level higher. You still get the great rendezvous service with the addition of a mixed fruit and bakery fresh sweet surprise to enjoy with a chilled glass of champagne after your dives. Always the large boat, with your choice of instruction and a choice of rendezvous times from 9:30 am to noon. We can also move your day over to accommodate you for an afternoon and night dive.





The maximum number of guests per day is 6 and the price is $1000.




To reserve your Platinum Dive Trip, please contact Kate at


Our instructors work very hard to give you a safe and enjoyable experience out on the water.  If you think they did a good job and would like to show your appreciation by leaving a gratuity, it is customary to tip 10-15% for dive services here in the BVI.










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