UBS Dive Center has a full range of Genesis Scuba diving equipment for rent.


Not only do we have the most competitive rental rates of any dive operator in the BVI, we give you free stuff too!

We deliver all equipment free of charge to any marina in Tortola, whereas you'll be charged for delivery by some other rental companies.  And we'll pick everything up again once your rental has finished. Our delivery and pick up hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm, seven days a week (though we cannot deliver equipment to you if your charter company's boat briefing is in progress).

Although there are 12 fill stations throughout the BVI, with an average cost of $8 per fill, you can swap your empty tanks for full ones at our base at Culture Ville on the east end of Tortola or at Trellis Bay on Beef Island for just $5.  And you don’t have to wait for them to be filled!

And if all that isn't a good enough reason to choose UBS for your dive equipment rentals, we provide a complimentary dive computer and tank rack with every Complete Package and a complimentary tank rack with every Basic Package!

Our rates are as follows:

Complete Package
$190 per week
$235 for 10 days

2 Tanks Each
Regulator, Alternate Air Source, Depth and Pressure Gauge
Complimentary Dive Computer (if required)
Weights & Belt
Tank Rack for your boat (if required) 
Wet Suit

Basic Package
$80 per week
$110 for 10 days

2 Tanks Each 
Weights & Belt
Complimentary Tank Rack for your boat (if required) 

Daily Rates
Tank - $6
BCD - $8
Regulator, Alternate Air Source, Depth and Pressure Guages - $8
Weight Belt - $0.50
Weight - $0.10 per lb 
Wet Suit - $3 

We will give you a full briefing when we deliver the equipment to your boat, help you position the racks in a suitable location and store the equipment.  A working dive instructor in the BVI will conduct your briefing, covering everything you’ll need to know, from currents to underwater navigation hints. We will also leave you with a folder to take with you that contains:

GPS Coordinates of 40 BVI National Park Dive Sites
Recommended Night Dive Sites
Dive site Mooring Location Map
Air Fill Station Location Map
The RMS Rhone National Park Underwater and Mooring Map 
Dive Computer Instructions
Rental Equipment Care and Understanding
Safe Diving Practices For The BVI
Moorings Use Regulations
VISAR (Virgin Island Search & Rescue) information
UBS Special Package Rates
First Aid Basics inclusing:
BVI emergency contact numbers
USVI Hyperbaric Chamber contact information
International Dive Emergency contact numbers
Dive injury sign and symptom sheets.
Marine injury information and treatment
A copy of the current Dive Training Magazine (for some light reading)
A BVI road map in case you want to have a day ashore

If you decide you want a guide for a particular dive site or that you’d benefit from a dive refresher, we can have your own private dive boat rendezvous with you to take you diving.  If you choose this service, we will discount half a day’s equipment rental fee.   

The historic wreck of the RMS Rhone is one such dive where our renters feel they really benefit from using a guide.  Our experienced guides are familiar with every inch of the ship and can point out all the artifacts that lie scattered around the wreck.  They also tell a very good story about how she went down in the Great Hurricane of 1867!

Rendezvous diving rates are as follows:

$350 for one diver

$175 each for two divers

$135 each for three divers

$135 each for four or more divers (max 6)

Check out the Dive with Us, Rendezvous and Prices pages for more details. 

To reserve your dive and watersports equipment, print and complete the rental form at the bottom of the page, not forgetting to give us all the information required.  Then scan and email it back to us. 

We cannot deliver your equipment to you if your boat briefing is in progress. Not only can this cause us uneccessary delays, but it can also make us late delivering equipment elsewhere.   When deciding upon your equipment delivery time, please double-check with your boat charter company at what time they will be giving your briefing and ensure that the equipment delivery time you quote us does not coincide.   

Our rental fees include one free delivery and one free pick up.  If you are not able to accept your equipment or return it at the agreed time, or if you wish to cancel your reservation, we require at least two hours notice or we reserve the right to levy a $25 charge (each way) to cover our administrative costs.


Thanks for your cooperation !



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